Aug 06 2015

At the Threshold… : August 2015 Overview | Saturn direct | Quarter Moon

Cosmic Diaries: 2015 – 2016 and beyond Horoscopes…

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Dear Friends,

We’re half-way through the lunar cycle, between the energy of a powerful Aquarius Full Moon, and the Leo New Moon on Aug. 14, 2015 about a week from now.

The Aquarius Full Moon, marked Guru Pornima, a time when we pay homage to our teachers, spiritual masters and those 11807754_10152914127775706_4540861234615946099_owho light the way. I was blessed enough to be able to spend this time with my Guru, Sri Karunamayi Amma, at a three day meditation retreat. Needless to say I’m still vibrating and re-integrating into life after that experience of divine grace.

We’re in a threshold month: Saturn stationed direct in Scorpio on Aug. 1, 2015 and moves through the sign for the final time for the next thirty years until Sept. 17, 2015. With the Taurus Moon due to oppose Saturn for the first time since it’s direct station the next two days will be formative in what unfolds. Lines are being drawn and there’s a sense of something resurrecting from the ashes, to reveal what’s truly valuable, precious and golden.

There are major aspects taking place nearly daily through August and we’re in the last few days of Jupiter in Leo. You’ve been in a creative process (on all levels of your life) with Jupiter in Leo. As Jupiter changes signs to enter Virgo on Aug. 11, 2015 this is bringing a huge shift in the energy towards doing the work needed to manifest something.

Jupiter in Virgo calls for service, selfless service, duty, doing God’s work, or the work you came to this planet for — your dharma. Also, Venus is retrograde and back in Leo, asking us to dive deeper into our hearts, and thaw out the insides so we can share our love more deeply.

Over the past few days, Venus (Rx) aligned with Jupiter in Leo, expanding our hearts in unimaginable ways. The conjunction is shining a light on important financial and relationship situations, showing you there’s more for you to explore. But it will call for taking a risk, perhaps re-evaluating plans you’ve recently made in light of what you’re learning and is being revealed.

Jupiter, (or Guru in Jyotish,) is the planet that rules the two signs most connected with God and spirituality, Sagittarius and Pisces. Sagittarius represents what we know of God, and shows the way; The energy of Pisces is what God really is, and where one merges into the absolute reality, into oneness. With Venus the planet and Goddess of love, beauty, creativity, merging with the King of Gods, Jupiter, this is a chance to awaken and get back in touch with the love that is your very being. Your life is a gift and this is grace. Use it wisely.

Be grateful for all you’ve been given, be kind to yourself and love yourself; even the parts of yourself that you might not be so proud of — physically or otherwise. It doesn’t matter what you look like, this is about inner beauty and acceptance of your desires without judgement. But Venus (and Jupiter) also squared Saturn has also brought us to a crucial turning point, as we recognise the realities of a situation. Any obstacle you seem to face is a chance to find inner strength.

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Jul 21 2015

Unraveling Mysteries : Venus Retrograde in Virgo/Leo – 2015

Cosmic Diaries: 2015 – 2016 and beyond Horoscopes…

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Dear Friends,

We’re past the New Moon, slowly coming out of the car wash. Currently the Moon is in Virgo, moving to a Plutosextile with  the Sun, while the Sun approaches a trine to Saturn, stabilising a situation you fear is falling apart.

Also, Venus entered Virgo, on July 18, 2015 and will station retrograde in less than a week from now— on July 25, 2015 at 0+ Virgo, for 40 days and 40 nights.

She re-enters Leo at the end of the month on July 31, 2015 just after the Full Moon in Aquarius — Guru Pornima and stations direct on Sept. 6, 2015 when she stations direct at 14+ Leo.

Venus retrogrades occur approximately every year and a half; and occur in the same part of the zodiac once every eight years. So the last time Venus was retrograde in Virgo/Leo was in 2007 and the time before that in 1999, 1991, 1983 and so on. Look back to your life and see if you can recognise emerging themes and patterns. (Or email me and we can do it together.)

As I reflect on my life, at the last Venus retrograde in Virgo/Leo eight years ago in 2007 — the name for Cosmic Diaries was conceived, and the seed for the vision was planted. (About eight months prior I had made the transition from working as an Art Director to a full-time Astrologer.)

What I thought was the “end” of my journey, of finding my “purpose,” turned out to be just the beginning of learning to live it. It’s been a ride; taking me to glorious highs and experiencing divine grace, to the pits of the shadowy abyss, challenging my faith, back again to the center.

As Venus comes around again, there’s a sense of coming full circle, with my relationship to astrology. My experiences re-enforcing what I’ve always known, that astrology is possibly one of the most powerful tools for self-awareness and inner-exploration.

As Venus prepares to stations retrograde in Virgo, there’s likely to be a sense of coming full circle for you too. But no two moments are ever alike and you are not the same. How have you grown, changed and evolved through the years? What would you like to do differently this time?

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Jul 14 2015

Rebirth : Cancer New Moon

Cosmic Diaries: 2015 – 2016 and beyond Horoscopes…

Astrology and Tarot Consultations with Priya


Dear Friends,

We’re deep in the womb of the Cancer New Moon exact on July 15, 2015 at 9:24 PM EDT; with an Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 11.41.45 pmabundance of Cancer energy at the time of the lunation, with a Mercury-Mars conjunction in Cancer opposing Pluto.

Cancer represents, emotions, the mother, child, home, sense of security and one’s “needs.” Besides food, clothing, shelter, water, basic necessities and emotional bonds, we don’t “need” very much. But when even these basic necessities are threatened, it can be a scary thing, feeling like you have to fight for survival, to keep from drowning while navigating stormy seas in the dark.

This could get emotional, with possibly a few melt-downs; there are very real fears arising and a sense of the umbilical cord being cut. Mars-Mercury in opposition to Pluto, could bring heated exchanges, or then at least you learn something that forever changes your understanding of something.

Still this is an opportunity to go deeper, below the raging surface insecurities, to the bottom of the ocean where it is calm and the greatest treasures lie; waiting to be discovered by those brave enough to seek it. The days following will call for being decisive but more importantly this calls for awareness of what motivates your actions and choices.

We’re also leading up to the Venus retrograde station on July 25, 2015, starting us on a 40 day journey of regaining confidence and clarity on our desires. Expect this to be an extremely transformational period, especially relating with matters of the heart, creativity, finances, relationships and gaining clarity on your desires. I’ve covered this transit in detail in the 2015 – 2016 Annual Horoscopes for your sign, so if you haven’t read those yet – you can get them here now.

Below is an excerpt from the report covering the energy of the Cancer New Moon:

“Be especially conscious of what motivates your choices and actions — if you’re responding or reacting to something out of anger, fear, urgency, or trying to control or manipulate something I would urge you to slow down. Or there is the danger in reacting self-destructively. Nothing needs to be a power struggle.

“Let go of your attachment to an outcome, how something plays out, and pay attention to what you’re feeding and where you pour your energy. Then you can navigate this territory safely, being the force of change you seek.

“Cancer is the sign that represents security — both emotional and financial, the mother, the child, emotions, family, food, nourishment. What was your childhood like? Did you feel nurtured, safe and were your needs (emotional, physical, mental) were taken care of?

“The tides are turning, consciously rise above insecurities and you can recognise your power to make what needs to happen, happen. As the Moon grows full again, there is a sense of you growing in physical and emotional comfort and security; most importantly being comfortable in your own skin.” — Priya Kale, July 2015 Cosmic Weather.

To read full report (including the Venus retrograde transit and July Horoscopes), sign up here for a One Week Free trial to the Cosmic Diaries subscriber service.

On a personal note, there’s so much that has happened in the past few days and weeks that I want to share. But with the New Moon in my Solar 3rd House I find myself feeling a bit speechless (in an awe inspiring way,) introspective and at a loss for words. Also, I’m moving tomorrow (Brooklyn to Queens,) but I’ll be back with more after the New Moon once I’m a little settled.

But in the meanwhile, if you want to keep updated and informed with the skies daily, please consider getting a subscription to the Cosmic Diaries service.

A last note — with the way the aspects are aligned right now, the Cancer New Moon is a reminder that this the Universe is like a divine mother — who’s love for you, and all her children, is limitless. Sometimes that means protecting us from something that would cause us more harm, than good.

There’s something much greater, beautiful, divine and blessed that keeps us all afloat and alive. Rather than fight something, re-birth and surrender to the flow. Whatever it is you think you need, speak to the Universe and Divine Mother — she’s listening and knows your needs, before you even ask. Do what you need to do, and have faith your needs will be taken care of.

Wish you Love and a blessed New Moon,



I am available for Astrology and Tarot Consultations, via Phone and Skype, or in person if you are in NYC. Please visit my Consultation page and email me to schedule a reading at Thank you and I look forward to working with you!



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Jul 09 2015

Seas of Change… : July Overview, Cancer New Moon, Venus retrograde

Cosmic Diaries: 2015 – 2016 and beyond Horoscopes…

Astrology and Tarot Consultations with Priya


Hello Friends,

July begins and ends on a high note, sandwiched between two Full Moons — with a lot shifting in between,  major aspects, planetary ingresses, Uranus’ direct station, Venus’ Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 2.26.57 amretrograde station and Saturn’s direct station in Scorpio as we enter August.

Earlier this week on Monday, a Sun-Pluto opposition asked for evolution and letting go of old attachments to security, to create space for new structure that is supportive.

Yesterday marked the Quarter Moon, the Aries Moon reached the half-way point between the recent Capricorn Full Moon, and the upcoming Cancer New Moon a week from now. Earlier today, the Aries Moon trined Venus in Leo at 9:46 AM EDT, went VOID and entered Taurus at 3:49 PM EDT.

The easiest way to study astrology and to watch it at work, would be to simply observe the Moon cycles in relation to your life. What came to light at the Full Moon? You’ve reached a turning point with the Quarter Moon, asking you to go for it, if you want to manifest your dreams.

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Jun 30 2015

Big Love : Venus conjunct Jupiter; Capricorn Full Moon

June 2015 Monthly Horoscopes (Sample)

Cosmic Diaries: 2015 – 2016 and beyond Horoscopes…

Astrology and Tarot Consultations with Priya

Cosmic Diaries member service

Dear Friends,

It’s almost impossible not to have noticed the bright and heavenly conjunction between Venus and Jupiter in the sky lately.

As beautiful and breath taking as the sight is to behold, so these planets are also a harbinger and powerful 10268670_10152847524070706_4443465117278413336_nomen of hope, love, beauty. The events we’ve seen unfold over the last week alone here in the US, especially with the Supreme Court [finally] ruling in favor of Marriage Equality, reflect the power of this conjunction to .

The conjunction is exact on July 1, 2015 at 3:50 PM EDT followed by Capricorn Full Moon hours later at 10:19 PM EDT later that night 2015 bringing to a dramatic culmination the events of the past two weeks. Capricorn is a Saturn ruled sign, and in spite of the joyousness of the moment it’s hard to ignore the heaviness of Saturn in Scorpio.

A reminder that even as you take a moment of to revel in the glory of the Venus-Jupiter conjunction, there is work to be done. But if you’re willing to do the work and do what it takes, you have the opportunity to turn something around and leave a struggle behind once and for all.

And the Capricorn Full Moon is showing you what you need to do, to turn it around. And you have a huge gift in the Venus-Jupiter conjunction, offering you a golden opportunity and support if you dare to reach for your most optimistic vision. You will still have to work to manifest it, but if you’re passionate about what you’re doing, and enjoy something, then the act of creating something itself will be your reward.

To read more about the golden opportunity this Full Moon and Venus-Jupiter conjunction hold, read the full Cosmic Diaries Monthly Almanac for June and for the coming month of July, which includes a detailed day-by-day interpretation of major aspects through the month.

This is part of the Cosmic Diaries member service (free for the first week, $9.99  a month thereafter) which currently also includes Monthly Horoscopes, discounts on Consultations, and other special reports.

Also speaking of visions, I started Cosmic Diaries in 2008, with a prayer in my heart to be able to help as many people as I could. Since then I have evolved, as has my work, especially over the last few years with Saturn moving over my Ascendant. My goal is and has always been to bring you astrological insights, in a practically useful way so you can apply them to improve and deepen your experience of life.

Over the past few days, I’ve been gaining clarity on my vision for Cosmic Diaries. But I realize I cannot do this alone and I need your help. I’ll be back with more on this (and how you could help if you feel so inclined,) in the next few days, but in the meanwhile, from my heart to yours, have a blessed Full Moon.

With Love,







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Jun 21 2015

Solstice & Zodiacal Releasing

June 2015 Monthly Horoscopes (Sample)

Cosmic Diaries: 2015 – 2016 and beyond Horoscopes…

Astrology and Tarot Consultations with Priya

Hello from Brooklyn and welcome to the Solstice!

I’ve been back in NYC for exactly a week now. Yesterday, I attended an extremely useful, informative and 1940005_10152823265105706_1832150642852772557_nenlightening workshop by my colleague Chris Brennan on an ancient astrological technique called Zodiacal Releasing.

This technique allows you to “time peak periods and transitions in a person’s career and life direction by using an ancient timing technique known as Zodiacal Releasing. This technique was only recently rediscovered through the translation of a 2nd century text, and it is quickly becoming recognised as one of the most powerful and effective predictive techniques available today.”

I’m still absorbing and processing all I’ve learned, but given how effectively and [alarmingly] accurately it works, just looking at my own chart (aside from many other prominent examples) I’m excited and feel confident to have it be an extremely useful tool in my Consultation work. (Thank you again Chris.)

Meanwhile, the Sun entered Cancer a few hours ago, marking the Solstice; the half way point in the zodiac and astrological year, starting from the Equinox when the Sun enters Aries.

At the time of the Solstice, the Sun reaches its zenith in the sky and appears to stand still in the sky for a few days before it begins its phase of descent (in the Northern hemisphere) and ascent in the Southern hemisphere.

Similarly this is a reflective of a situation in your life which has reached a peak (or valley) and can now start to re-balance itself, as we move to the December Equinox six months from now. Wherever you have Cancer in your chart, that’s the part of your life being highlighted with this transit.

In other big news tomorrow Jupiter trines Uranus, bringing sudden unexpected opportunities, huge breakthroughs, fortunate encounters and or new horizons and avenues inviting you to explore them. We’re also moving towards a very auspicious conjunctions between the two benefics Venus and Jupiter at the end of the month suggesting there’s a golden opportunity for the taking.

It all begins with being grateful for all you’ve already been given.

Here is an excerpt from the June 2015 Monthly Cosmic Weather report:

Sunday 21 June 2015

16:37:52 UT – Sun enters Cancer (direct)

16:58:45 UT – Moon enters Virgo (direct)
“As the Sun enters Cancer and transits through the sign over the next four weeks, the energy is shifting from the very Mercurial energy we’ve been under to more sensitive, emotional energy — when we’re likely to be feeling more emotional, sensitive, nostalgic and focused on matters of the home, family, security and ‘needs.’

“This is also the first water sign, represented by the ocean — and the Sun’s passage through Cancer is always a reminder to learn to trust in the ebb and flow of life. Be fluid, flexible, gentle and dare to dive deep if you want to discover the rich treasures this climate holds for you…” — Priya Kale, June 2015 Monthly Cosmic Weather report. Read Full report and June Monthly Horoscopes.

I’ll be back with more soon, a very Happy Solstice and I look forward to working with you!




I’m available for Consultations by Skype, phone or if you are in NYC, if you prefer, we could even do something in person.

If you’re interested in learning of your Zodiacal releasing periods, (I would highly recommend it) please make a note of this in your email along when scheduling.

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Jun 12 2015

Choices and Changes…: Mercury direct, Saturn returns to Scorpio, Gemini New Moon…

Astrology and Tarot Consultations with Priya

Cosmic Diaries: 2015 – 2016 and beyond Horoscopes…

June 2015 Monthly Horoscopes (Sample)

Cosmic Diaries on Facebook |Cosmic Diaries: YouTube Channel

Dear Friends,

Mercury stationed direct a few hours ago, and we’re heading to the Gemini New Moon on June 16, 2015.

But before that Saturn returns to Scorpio on the eve of the New Moon on June 15, 2015 marking Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 9.53.07 amanother major milestone in our journey. You can expect life to pick up speed over the coming weeks and we’re in a very busy and important month, with major aspects taking place between planets daily.

This leads up to the grand and benevolent conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in Leo at the end of the month, offering much hope and cause for celebration.

As it is with Mercury stations, there’s important information surfacing, presenting you with important choices.

Especially with the transit taking place in Gemini (Mercury’s home sign) pay attention to the conversations you’re having and be open to learn, rather than think you know the whole story — because you don’t. We’re recovering territory bringing you renewed understanding of a situation, allowing you to renegotiate arrangements and make informed choices. Listen and learn.

Mercury being the fastest planet, closest to the Sun, its retrograde phases occur three times a year. As frustrating as the delays it often brings are, (my computer keyboard decided to stop working last night while I was typing and trying to post this Blog and has miraculously resurrected itself this morning) Mercury retrogrades do get a bad rap. The Universe is not without rhyme or reason, even if its reasons aren’t always apparent to us. But when we study astrology, we’re essentially trying to understand these cosmic rhythms which we are a part of.

The more we internalize a process, we can channel the energy, rather than feeling like something is happening to us. Studying the nature of Mercury we get a clue into the mind itself, which is inherently dualistic in nature and exists in the past or the future. It is incapable of existing in the present — where reality is. And far too often we get caught up in our perceptions of the world; ideas of what it is and should be like — which distort our vision of reality.

But the world is what it is. We are the one’s who have to adapt and learn our place in it. Mercury retrograde phases are the Universe’s way of getting us to slow down, clear perceptions and pay attention to what is in front of us. And these phases, especially the day of the direct and retrograde station when Mercury is standing still in the sky, it’s a chance to move beyond the mind and recognise you are separate from it; you are the master of your mind, and its important you use it as a tool, rather than allow it to be your master.

Also with the Gemini New Moon, just days from now on June 15, 2015 we’re entering a new cycle, showing you a different side to the story. Significantly on the same day Saturn re-enters Scorpio until September. Wherever you have Scorpio in your chart — this is your final chance for the next 30 years (till Saturn re-enters this part of the zodiac) to embody his lessons and master them well, before you set forth again on your journey of Saturn in Sagittarius.

Saturn has been transiting through Sagittarius since late December 2014 bringing you a glimpse into the road ahead over the coming years. Now as it leaves Sagittarius, on the eve of the New moon there’s a sense of an obstacle being lifted, revealing new roads or then a road that was previously closed now opening up.

This naturally presents you with huge choices (especially with the heavy Gemini influence in the air) that will alter the course of your life and journey. Given all you’ve learned over the past six months, you have a chance to make course corrections, resolve unfinished business and shed baggage over the coming few months, so you can travel light as you continue with your journey.

Also at the end of the month, we’re moving to a bold, beautiful and bodacious conjunction of Venus and Jupiter — the two benefits. Whatever is going on in your life right now, whatever you most desire — you couldn’t ask for a better sign from the Universe suggesting there’s hope and plenty of it. If at all you’re experiencing this transit as dramatic in not such a pleasant way, or experiencing this transit as anything less than joyful, I would seriously advise you to let go of expectations as well as your ego, pride defenses that keep you from recognizing the gift it holds for you.

I’ve interpreted these and other daily aspects this month in detail in the June Monthly Cosmic Weather sent out to subscribers. You can sign up here to receive this in your mail. Please allow 24-48 hours for delivery. Also I will be travelling and in transit on the 13th-14th of the month, so if you order it then, please allow an extra day for delivery.

On that note, I’m in the midst of packing and wrapping up lose ends as I fly to NYC on the 14th. Also, my computer wll be n the shp snce my keybard has sddenly started actng p agan. (I’ve had to copy paste the i, o, u keys for this part of the Blog.) So I will be offline (or online sparingly) for the next few days till June 15-16, 2015.

Barring jet-lag, I plan to hit the ground running once I get to the other side and I will also be available for in-person Consultations in NYC in the second half of June so please email me early if you’d like to set up an in person appointment appointment. (Of course I’m also available for Skype or phone Consultations no matter where in the world you are.)

I’ll have a lot more to say once I get to NYC  — but in the meanwhile, a very Happy New Moon to you. Catch you on the other side…




Important Note about the 2015 – 2016 and beyond Horoscopes — To those who’ve ordered the Horoscopes, if you still haven’t received the passwords for any reason, please email me. Also, I’ve corrected the Scorpio link so if you haven’t checked that, please check back in.

If you haven’t yet read/ordered your 2015 – 2016 and beyond Horoscopes, here’s the link. Please order them by the Gemini New Moon if you want to get them at the pre-order price (a steal considering what went into them and what I hope you will get out of them.) Also if you order them now on or by June 16, 2015, you get a discount on Consultations for the rest of the year.



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Jun 10 2015

June 2015 Monthly Horoscopes (Sample)


Cosmic Diaries: Sample June 2015 Monthly Horoscopes

— by Priya Kale

These Horoscopes are part of the Cosmic Diaries Subscriber Service.

Your subscription currently includes Monthly Horoscopes, a Monthly Astrology Overview, Discounts on Annual Horoscopes, Consultations and other occasional special reports.

To read Full Horoscope

– Sign up here for a One Week FREE trial. (Billed $9.99 monthly thereafter.)

– Make a One time purchase – $12.50


Aries. Illustration by Arun Kale ARIES

“As the month begins, you might not be sure what or whom to believe. But it really doesn’t matter what you believe, belief has very little to do with reality. Reality encompasses the whole — the good and the bad. And if you’re only seeking the positive, you’re in danger of consciously or unconsciously denying half of reality. Let your quest this month be one of truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…” Read Full Horoscope



“No matter what seems urgent now, on a deeper level this about you finding your inner confidence, sense of belonging and feeling at home in your own skin — beyond the physical walls. You have more choices than you think, and are worth twice as much as you realise. And by the end of the month you’re learning just how loved, protected, safe and indeed fortunate you are; liberating you from deep subconscious fears that have prevented you from shining your full light…”Read Full Horoscope

GEMINI — “Every end is a new beginning and this is your chance to go deep and re-evaluate your life before you start over with a clean slate. Who are you? Who are you becoming? Dare to think big, be bold, creative, use your imagination and keep an open mind. Especially in a conversation you have at the end of the month, if you let go of expectations you could be more than pleasantly surprised…” Read Full Horoscope.

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May 30 2015

Journeying to the Sagittarius Full Moon

Hello from Thailand!

I’ve been here for about a week now, visiting my brother in Bangkok.

This is my first real holiday in about 12 years and I’ve still ended up working every day. Yesterday we got to Krabi for the weekend, and I’ve been burning up with a fever since we arrived. I Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 9.52.00 am head back home to Mumbai just in time for the Full Moon; then back to New York in a couple of weeks. So this is a quick note to say I will be mostly offline today and tomorrow resting and traveling, until I get back to Bombay.

On that note – we’re heading towards the Sagittarius Full Moon on June 2, 2015. Sagittarius is the sign the represents international travel, foreign cultures, languages, the higher mind, philosophy, religion, psychology; everything beyond known boundaries and “beyond the horizon.”

Meanwhile Mercury has been retrograde in Gemini, and yesterday marked the Sun – Mercury conjunction, which likely brought important information to the surface, presenting you with choices. There’s more coming to light and being revealed as the Full Moon aligns and the energy spills over, showing you what you need to know as you journey forward.

Below is an excerpt from the May Cosmic Weather report covering the energy of this Full Moon. To read the detailed astrology for June, including Horoscopes you can sign up here for the Cosmic Diaries subscriber service.

Also, I’ve sent out the passwords for the 2015 – 2016 and beyond Horoscopes. If you haven’t received them, please email me and I will send them out again. Also, if you haven’t yet purchased yours, you can do here at this link. If you order by the Full Moon, you can also get a 50% discount on Consultations, as a special offer.

More soon and I’ll catch you on the other side.



May Monthly Cosmic Weather

An excerpt ==

Tuesday 02 June 2015

16:18:59 UT – FULL MOON – Sun (11 ge 49’21”) opposite Moon (11 sa 49’21”)

“It’s truth out time. There are huge revelations surfacing with the Sagittarius Full Moon, marking the culmination of the cycle that began two weeks ago, with the Taurus New Moon as Mercury stationed retrograde. This lunation is also bringing to light all you’ve learned over the past six months since Saturn entered Sagittarius, ushering you on a new journey.

“So what have you learned? Over the past two weeks and six months? Where are you in your journey? What would you go back and change if you could? Are you walking the path? What do you know? Hopefully you are learning that you can’t ever know it all — there will always be more to learn and another horizon to cross. But if you are open to learning you can learn what you need to know, showing you the way forward.

“You have a chance for course corrections, if you’ve strayed too far from an objective. In two weeks, Saturn will retrograde back into Scorpio until September 2015, taking us back to clear up unfinished business from late November and December.

“With the Moon in Sagittarius, you could be traveling, making travel plans, communicating with people over seas at a distance, or having deep honest conversations about your future. You have important choices to make, and you’re being revealed your options.

“There will still be time to re-negotiate certain arrangements, once Mercury stations direct again. So don’t resent something that feels like a detour. It’s ultimately saving you energy in the long run. Mercury is still retrograde, there’s more information surfacing over the coming weeks; suggesting the need for perspective at all times.

“Continue to keep your communication channels open and negotiate. Where there is a will there is a way. But know the difference between being driven by passion, faith, or by fear or some desire to escape a situation. You can run, but you can’t hide or ignore something now. And the sooner you’re willing to face the truth, you will see your power to turn something around that has gotten off track.

“No matter what you fear, what’s unfolding is liberating you showing you your choices in a situation and your freedom to make them. Seek an objective truth, have faith, focus on the big picture and your long-term goals. Then you can make constructive and wise choices that take you closer to your goals and the future you are building.”

“The journey is the destination.” — Priya Kale, May Monthly Cosmic Weather. Read Full Report.


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May 21 2015

Power of Love… : Taurus New Moon, Venus opposite Pluto; Sun enters Gemini

Astrology and Tarot Consultations with Priya

Cosmic Diaries on Facebook |Cosmic Diaries: YouTube Channel

May 2015 Monthly Horoscopes (Sample)

2015 – 2016 and beyond Horoscopes…

We’re a few days past the Taurus New on May 18, 2015, and in a fertile new cycle.

Mercury stationed retrograde in Gemini, on May 19, 2015 and there’s hidden, buried information that 11161343_10152721444290706_8596146792109740340_nhas surfaced. As a general precaution with Mercury retrogrades, especially with this one in Gemini, double check your communication and don’t be too quick to jump to conclusions.

You don’t have the full story yet, and there’s more coming to light as we move to the Sagittarius Full Moon on June 2, 2015.

For now the Sun is in its last couple of hours in its transit through Taurus and the Moon is in Cancer. Ground yourself in your values and water the seeds you’ve planted with the New Moon.

The Sun enters Gemini at 8:46 AM GMT on May 21, 2015 for the next four weeks, shedding light on a situation. You’re seeing another side to the story. Listen and learn.

Also there’s intensity building now as Venus in Cancer makes an opposition to Pluto in less than 24 hours on May 22, 2015; and squares Uranus in Aries on May 25, 2015.

Just yesterday, I read the news of a beach in California, destroyed by an oil-spill. This is Venus in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn, oil companies and the greed of humanity, destroying the oceans and our natural habitat. What’s gone is gone, but how can we raise individual awareness, so there is real change and we don’t end up destroying all that is precious in this world?

We are only as powerful or powerless as we imagine ourselves to be. It’s easy to feel powerless in the face of a situation like this, but we can start small, and start to become conscious of the power of money, our “buying power,” and educate ourselves on the products we buy, and ethics and (environmental and otherwise) policies of the companies we invest in.

In your life as well, a situation is evolving and although you may be seeing the darker side of a situation, you have more power than you realise to bring about a transformation. If you find yourself in a power-struggle, let go. There’s a lot of water under the bridge, (“and a lot of other stuff too” as Bob Dylan once sang) but if you can find a way to release it, you can turn a corner and reach a breakthrough over the coming days. Freeing you to explore new opportunities and horizons.

With Venus and Pluto, this generally comes down to sex, love, money, power. Often this will bring triangulations; in Cancer and Capricorn, there may be issues surfacing around the family, home, sense of security or perhaps even darker buried secrets surfacing.

With the Moon in Cancer as well, the emotional intensity is running high and with Mars and Mercury nearing a conjunction in Gemini, be careful about not just what you say, but how you say something.

Be fluid, flexible and rise above insecurities or emotional reactions. The more you can let go of old baggage, resentments or even hanging on to financial insecurities, you can empower yourself to bring about change, receive emotional support and open your self to a new wave of prosperity, abundance, security and happiness.

I have a Venus (and Mars)-Pluto opposition in my chart (Aries-Libra) and I can tell you from experience, this is not the easiest of aspects, but it is a very powerful one — offering tremendous potential for creative, personal, and financial transformation; if you can own your power.

I’ve found the best way to deal with the opposition, is to own both the energies of the opposition, and find the balance point within yourself. Especially with Venus and Pluto, this is finding the middle ground between desires and attachments to those desires.

Acknowledge the darker aspects of your own nature, or the unconscious patterns or attachments you have based on past conditioning from parents’ or society; as well as any feelings of betrayal. It’s often when people feel out of control, that they try to control their surroundings.

Avoid the desire to manipulate or control anyone or anything. You can’t change anyone or anything other than yourself. But you can control what you choose to feed, or where you invest your energy, money, time, love and what or who you give away your power to. Any obsessive desires, are likely coming from the ego and with Pluto the key is always “surrender.”

Follow your heart, nourish and nurture what you love, but let go of expectations or trying to control the outcome. When faced with a choice, make the loving one. Change always comes from within. Find the power to change what you need to change within yourself, then change can and will ripple out into your world.

Then you can experience the true power of love.

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